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Privacy/Refund Policy

Privacy / Refund Policy

Privacy Policy
Nodine's absolutely does not sell or share our mailing list or the personal information given on this web-site or over the phone by our customers.
If you are a "Closet Carnivore" and you don't want everyone to know you like to eat good smoked meats, cheeses, and poultry, your secret is safe with us.

All information entered in our database is kept in the strictest of confidence and is used for the sole purpose of ensuring the quick and accurate delivery of our products and our own mailing list so that you may recieve notifications or calls about your shipment and notices about special promotions that we at Nodine's might feel the customer is interested in.
Please enter the correct information for E-mail address and phone number, if we need to contact "you" because of a problem, we need to contact "you"! Remember we ship perishable products.


Refund Policy

If you experience a problem with any product from shipping or order error, please inform us immediately by phone: 1-800-222-2059. We will issue a credit, exchange or refund in the case of damage during shipping or an address error on our part. We handle all disputes and claims for credit, exchange or refund on a case by case basis. We regret we are unable to make a refund in the event a product is not to your liking in taste!


All products should be inspected upon arrival, in the event products arrive spoiled please keep all packaging for return to receive a credit, exchange or refund, call us the same day. We ship Items using the quickest and most reliable means possible for ensuring the freshness of our products. We have shipping restrictions set in place for the Seasons to help ensure you will receive your package in a timely manner and in good condition.  

We cannot be responsible for packages that are stolen or damaged by wildlife or domestic animals once the delivery is made.

If the local Black Bear makes off with your package, he might have bad manners, but he sure knows good food!