Custom Smoking

Our custom smoking program is a great addition to our regular products.  We will cure and smoke your fresh meat for you!  Beef, pork, poultry, game, we do it all.  We also offer casings for sale so you can make your own sausage at home!  Want a whole pig for your party? We will get you one fresh or we can smoke it for you! (Call for pricing;860-489-3309)  No appointment necessary, just drop it off and we take care of it from there.  Hours for drop off/pick up are Monday-Friday 8am-3pm and Saturday from 8am-1130am.


Custom Prices:

Beef: $1.50 per pound

Pork:$1.50 per pound; additional $1.50 per pound to slice and package bacon

Poultry and Game:$1.75 per pound; 10 pound minimum

Poultry over 20 pounds:$2.50 per pound

Vacuum Packaging:$1.00 per package

Casing Prices:

Beef Bungs (Capicola):$5.00 Each

40/42 Hog Casings (Kielbasa):$25.50 per hank (about 80 pounds of meat worth)

35/38 Hog Casings (Italian Sausage):$23.00/Hank (about 65 pounds of meat)

Beef Middles (Sopressata):$25.00/Set (about 100 pounds of meat)

Cure: $1.00 per pound